Doors and Locks

I made a little bit more progress this morning on the rubber seals for the front baffles. I decided to make an attachment for the horizontal portion of the front baffles that starts on the nosebowl, allowing the rubber to extend to the aluminum portion of the baffle and float freely there. So far I bent some aluminum angles and used the shrinker to make them match the shape of the nose bowl. I came up with a new carb heat duct flange that uses a 45-degree angle, and started attaching it to the FAB. It still needs a little work. With the paint done, I was finally able to install the rear left window with blind rivets and some sealant. I used clevis pins and cotter pins to attach the front doors and windows, and attached the lock cylinders to the front windows. While I was working on cabin items I also adhered the 2-inch “Experimental” decals so that they are in view from all of the doors. After lunch I installed the horizontal stabilizer root fairings on the left side.

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Total Hours: 1883.75

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