Current Limiter

Since the electrical output from the 60 Amp primary alternator is relatively large and relatively important, it gets a special type of over-current protection. The current limiter is sort of a heavy-duty slow-blow fuse rated at 60 Amps. The one that I’m using is a Buss brand ANL type. B&C sells a mount for it, but I thought I would make my own instead. The important requirement is that the holder be made out of an insulator, so that the mounting bolts can’t short to the firewall. I started with a stick of plastic. I used a forstner bit to drill two flat-bottomed holes for the mounting bolts, then added a 1/4″ hole to the center of each of those. This allowed me to put the bolts in, then fill the hole with JB Weld epoxy. This epoxy holds the bolt heads and keeps them from turning, and provides the insulation from the firewall. I also used the dremel to add some little cuts on the rim of the epoxy “well” just to act as a keyway in case the torque of the bolt head was enough force to break the bond loose. I added several lightening holes to the block, which are more about fun than function.

Swiss Cheese

This will be the aft side in service. I haven't cut the keyway yet in this picture.

Swiss Cheese

This will be the forward side. The wells with the 3/16\

ANL Base

Side view with the current limiter installed

Back View Again

This is another view of the aft side, before JB Weld

It probably would have made more sense to buy one, but it was a fun project.