Covering the Flaps

Today was almost all covering work. The great thing about covering is that I have very little “thinking” time. With wiring I work a while and think a while. With covering, I walk in, pick up where I left off, and work until something needs to dry. It’s therapeutic in the sense that it requires much less higher brain function.

Bearhawk Left Aileron Rib Stitch

Here’s the left aileron ready to stitch

I only had 3/8″ reinforcing tape, so I used two pieces per rib. In retrospect I should have used a bit more higher brain function and ordered a wider width so that I wouldn’t use so much of it. I prepared the right flap in the same way as the left and cut out the fabric for it. I got about half of the lacing done on the left flap before I went back home. Since the flaps are the first non-propwash parts that I’ve covered, I consulted the Polyfiber manual to check for the rib stitch spacing. I have been using 2.5″ spacing in the propwash areas, and I used that spacing on the inboard two ribs of the flap. I used 3″ spacing on the other ribs, and this is what I’ll use on the ailerons.
Bearhawk Flap Fabric

Right Flap Fabric

Here are a few pictures of me lacing the ribs on the left flap, just so that you can see that it was me.
Rib Lacing Poly Fiber

Rib Lacing Left Flap

I’m wearing gloves because the thread is waxed and I don’t like having sticky fingers. That seems to be something that I inherited from my Mom’s dad.
Rib Stitching Knot

Rib stitching knots, not to be confused with stall speed in knots, or cruise speed in knots.

By now the knot is becoming pretty routine.
Mental Floss

Mental Floss

Sometimes I need to clean out my brain with a little mental floss.

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