Covering Spray

Our seats are at the upholsterer, so I need to hurry up and finish the headrests. I cut out some 8×8 .032 aluminum squares to use as the face and top. I used the bench grinder to remove some of the larger bits of the weld bead from the exhaust pipe. Since the temperature has started to moderate a bit, I started with the spray coats on the ailerons, flaps, and rudder. The first step was to hang all of the parts from the ceiling. I hung a sheet of black plastic over the hangar door, with hopes of minimizing the UV exposure to the hanging parts. I sprayed a round of polybrush on the rudder, but the gun wasn’t quite working well. The atomization just wasn’t very good. I stopped there to let that coat cure, since I won’t be able to fix it until it does.