Covering and Wiring

Today I shrank the fabric on the rudder and applied the first coat of polybrush. While I was waiting for one side to dry I returned to the wiring. My 430 rack was a second-hand find, and the previous owner chopped off the wires right behind the connectors. I took all of those little stubs out today, which would be the first step in putting in the new wires.

While I was studying the diagram for the architecture wiring I found that I had incorrectly wired the alternate ebus feed to the main bus instead of the battery bus, so I fixed that. I also returned to the wing wires. Richard had populated each conduit with two black wires and three white wires. There are essentially two circuits in the aeroflash unit- position lights and strobes.

I’m not interested in being able to turn on the aft-facing white position light without also turning on the corresponding red or green position light, so I only need two leads. Both units are safe to ground locally, so there’s no need for a ground wire to come all the way through the wing. This was a handy change, since I was running a bit short on 18-gauge wire and was able to use much of it in the wiring from the panel to the wing roots.

I also added the wires for the Dynon OAT sensor, which I’ve decided to locate just aft of the left wing strut where it meets the wing. This is a high-drag area already, and the sensor will be in the shade for an accurate reading. It will also be out of the way so I won’t bump my head on it!

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