Covering Ailerons

The weather is starting to get warmer, so I’m starting earlier and finishing later. Today I recoated the tapes on the right flap. Now it is ready for smoothing

Right Flap Taping Complete

Right Flap Taping Complete

I added the rest of the fabric to the left aileron:
Bearhawk Left Aileron Fabric

Left Aileron Fabric

And used the iron to shrink the fabric:
Shrink polyfiber fabric

Left Aileron shrunk, ready to brush.

Then applied the first coat of poly-brush by brush:
Left Aileron Brushed

Left Aileron Brushed

And added reinforcing tapes to pepare for stitching:
Rib Reinforcing Tapes

Rib Reinforcing Tapes

I also finished riveting the right aileron’s trailing edge and balance tube in place. It is now ready to cover. I started wiring the audio isolation amplifier, which consolidates the various audio inputs into a single channel for the intercom. I finished the power and ground wires today. I’ve saved the audio system wiring for last, since it is by far the most confusing.

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