Cargo Door Planning

This afternoon Tabitha came out and we spent a while working out the plans for the right rear windows and for the lock on the cargo door. The challenge with the cargo door lock is trying to work out a few conflicting goals. The most important goal is to be sure that the door will be available for emergency egress. In other words, we don’t want to have anyone locked in. The second goal is to be able to secure the door with some sort of locking measure to keep homeless folks and airport bums from going in there to sleep. The third goal is to be able to walk up to the door and open it, without having to open any other doors first. These are in addition to the usual requirements for light weight and simplicity. The first and third goals seem to be conflicting in most circumstances. The best solution that we could come up with is to have a lock cylinder that will secure the door in addition to the standard latch. We’ll just have to make unlocking the door a preflight checklist item, as much as I would prefer for it to not be. The front window locks will be the same, so at least there are a few reminders.

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