Cable Guard Nutplates

Today Tabitha came to help. She installed nutplates in the floorboards for the rudder cable guards while I took care of a few loose ends.

Tabitha makes nutplates

Tabitha is installing nutplates


Here are the first few.

I was recently reading through the Beartracks newsletters and came up with a few things to check on. The first was the flat plate of steel that joins the two flap cables behind the aft bulkhead.

Measuring Flap Junction

I also checked to be sure that the flap junction plate was 1/8\

In the time since Richard installed the rudder pedals, there has been a potential over-center rudder pedal problem that has come up. I needed to move the pedals forward to eliminate this problem.

Measuring for Rudder Pedals

Measuring for Rudder Pedal Placement

While I had the rudder pedals out, I was also able to turn the bottom engine mount bolts back around. It isn’t possible to install them correctly while the rudder pedals are in place. In the picture I’m tightening the top bolt.

Engine Mount Bolts

Here I'm working on the engine mount bolts.

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