Building the Paint Booth

It will be time to start painting soon, so I built a paint both out of plastic and PVC pipe. I used 10-foot lengths of PVC electrical conduit, which was cheaper than the white stuff. I found a roll of plastic that was 10-feet wide, so that made for easy layout.

Paint Booth

Paint Booth

Update- The booth isn’t quite big enough. The 10-foot width is ok, but it really needs to be longer. I used 1/3 of a 10-foot piece for each of those bays, but I should have used 4 feet instead. That would have added an extra 40 inches to the booth. Afterwards I spent a few minutes to finish the rib stitching. My big bucket of covering supplies is slowly diminishing, and now I’m putting the rib stitch needles and thread away for the last time.

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