Boot Cowl Head Scratching

I was fairly proud of the way the firewall turned out, so I started working on the boot cowl. Richard built the instrument panel top with a removable triangle panel so that the joint is on the inside of the windshield. Bob’s prototype is just the opposite, with the hole for the cabane struts cut from the forward end. I like Richard’s way better, if for no other reason than to keep rain from having a potential leak under the windshield. The top and large side pieces were easy enough to figure out, but when I started working on the small access panels and the tunnel it took a little bit more time to get it all figured out. The panel that goes behind the tunnel is one that I would like to remake, so I didn’t want to count on its holes for guidance. Bob attached the boot cowl with screws on his prototype, but my preference would be for rivets. I asked him what his thoughts were now that he’s been flying for 10 years and 1000 hours or more, and he said that he hasn’t removed the panels once. This was good news, so I’ll plan to use rivets. This is an especially easy decision in the context of the little removable panels that Avipro incorporated. If I take off those panels, the tunnel, and the front floorboards, I would have very easy access to anything in that area.

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