Battery Box and Elevator Trim

The Vans battery box instructions include provisions for optional 2″ lightening holes in the box iteself. Since the box is steel, I didn’t want to bother with a hole saw or fly cutter for all 8 of the holes. The better solution was to get some help from Wade, since he has a set of greenlee conduit punches that will make a very near 2″ hole. Since the punch requires a 3/4″ initial hole, i used the unibit to make all 8 of those today.

Pilot Holes

These 3/4\

I also welded the ends onto the next iteration of the elevator trim pushrods. The originals were kinked, and I tried to repair them by splicing in a larger diameter tube in the damaged area. The flaw in this plan was that the larger diameter tube was really hard to bend! So in the third revision, I just made new ones out of the proper tube. I bent them to the specifications in the Beartracks with my imperial tubing bender (see previous entry).

Bearhawk Elevator Pushrods

I've squished the end of the tube so that it will fit into the V-shaped cutout in the original end.

Bearhawk Elevator Pushrod Tube

This end is ready to clean up and paint.

Bearhawk Elevator Trim Pushrod

And the other end is ready too.

Half Cleaned

The right side is ready to paint after some time with the scotch-brite disc.

I was able to get the new pushrods welded, prepped, and primed today. While I had all of those tools out, I also did the same to the ELT bracket and fairlead assembly, which until today had remained unprimed.

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