Back Seat Seatbelt Tabs

With the lower cowl in place I started preparing the outer fiberglass scoop that will cover the FAB and direct the intake air to the inlet. I found an RV builder who had a scrap scoop, which was quite affordable. I only needed a very small piece of the original, so any defects or mistakes higher up were not going to be an issue. I marked the edge and used the cutoff wheel in the angle grinder to get the edge pretty close.

Vans fiberglass intake scoop

This is how much fiberglass I cut off of the scoop.

Vans Scoop

Here is the final product, ready for the new fiberglass flange.

I wrote in a previous entry that the radius of the EMT elbows for the exhaust pipes was hard to adjust. Since the number 1 cylinder is closest to the cowling, I started working with it first. I needed a tighter radius, so here is what I tried:
Electrical Conduit Exhaust System

These saw kerfs allowed me to bend the pipe to a tigher radus. It was no trouble to weld the kerfs closed.

This is my second attempt on the number 1 pipe. On the last iteration I had the pipe coming out of the flange at an angle, which made it nearly impossible to get the nuts on. Next I made the seatbelt tabs for the back seat shoulder harnesses. I started with .125 4130 tabs that were 1″ wide.
Rear Seat Seatbelt Tabs

Rear Seat Seatbelt Tabs

Rear Seat Seatbelt Tabs

I shaped them on the grinder and welded them onto the cross tube over the cargo area.

A little bit of cleanup and paint will make that look much better.

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