Audio Wiring Continued

One of the problems that I’ve encountered with the audio system wiring is the high number of connections. Since it is a stereo system, there are even more wires than usual. The Flightcom 403 wiring instructions show several wires that are connected before they make it to the plug that goes into the back of the intercom. I used an idea from Bob Nuckolls to consolidate the wires. I used a solder-cup d-sub connector, which I’ll have a picture of later. After a couple of years of watching and waiting I got a great deal on an HS-34 on ebay. I started laying out the mount for it today, after trimming the left flange off of the D100 mounting tray. Since the instruments have a flange that sticks out a bit past their mount, I also had to widen the hole in the instrument panel a little.

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