Audio Troubleshooting

Today the audio troubleshooting continues. First I swapped the power supply. My fancy battery charger has a “power supply” mode, so I had been using that for test power. Just in case that was related to the audio problem, I installed a temporary SLVA battery and tested again, with no change in results. I tried removing the plug from my audio amplifier circuit with no change. I didn’t have many other ideas for troubleshooting the audio right then, so I moved on to configuring the avionics to talk with each other. It was pretty neat to be able to see the course change on the 430 by turning the knob on the HS34. I connected a GPS antenna to a length of coax, then tossed the antenna out through the gap under the hangar door. After a few minutes, the GPS found itself, which was also quite rewarding.

First Fix

First Fix

I also finished replacing the ELT remote antenna, since it took me until now to get the replacement battery lined up.

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