Audio Jacks

I spent a few hours heat smoothing this morning. I’ve been using the 21st Century model airplane covering iron that I’ve had for many years, but today the handle broke. I find myself applying fairly heavy pressure during the process, and it’s probably not designed for that kind of use. I mixed up a batch of JB Weld and reattached it, but it will be out of service until at least tomorrow. I relocated the headset jacks to eliminate the aileron cable interference problem. I moved the front seat jacks to the instrument panel, since this will make for much simpler wiring and shorter routing. I moved the rear seat passenger jacks to the area under the rear door post for the front door.

Flightcom placards

Flightcom provides these jacks, but they will take up too much room on the panel. I’ll use them for the aft stations.

Bearhawk audio jacks

Back Seat Intercom Jacks

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