Architecture Wiring

I sold a motorcycle and was able to buy some much-needed parts. The first is this Plane Power AL12-E160/C Alternator. This is the case mount unit since our engine doesn’t have the mounting boss. The parts look great!

Plane Power AL12-E160/C

Plane Power AL12-E160/C

Plane Power Brackets

Plane Power Brackets and Hardware

The other big part of my order was the probe package for the Dynon D180. This is an expensive package, but it comes with lots of goodies. I was surprised to see that the package included a pre-wired, color-coded 37-pin D-sub connector for the EFIS items.
Dynon EMS Probes
I’m using the Z13/8 electrical system designed by Bob Nuckolls. I started off my wiring with the leads that will make up the electrical system architecture.

Here are a few of the connections for the ebus relay.

I found one problem when I started to make the fuse links, which are very small wires connected to larger wires. Since splices are designed for the same size of wire, they wouldn’t do. Instead I used crimp-on “handshake” connectors, since they are available in different wire sizes. The whole finished product is not much bigger than a splice, and certainly as durable.
Splice Different Gauges

The small wire on the left uses a red connector, while the large wire on the right uses a blue. Clear heat shrink keeps the "handshake" connectors connected.

I have a few of the wires done now, with many more to go.
More Wiring

A few more wires

Shunt Wiring and Alternate Ebus Feed

Shunt Wiring and Alternate Ebus Feed

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