Antenna Mounting

6/21 1015 ground shields, drill left com antenna, add tab to tail post 1235 2.4 hours
This morning I connected the rest of the audio shields to each other. I didn’t have any of the one-ended crimp-on terminals so I just used one half of a yellow crimp-on splice. I found a good spot for the VHF Communication antenna out past the fuel tank, and drilled a mounting hole for it and the grounding screw. I’ll put one just like it on the other side, which will allow for easy connection for the handheld VHF radio.

Left VHF Com Antenna

Left VHF Com Antenna in Wing

I wanted to come up with some method for stabilizing the VHF Navigation feedline in the vertical stabilizer. I added this tab so that I can have something to clamp the feed to.
Tail Post Tab for VHF Nav Antenna wire

Tail Post Tab for VHF Nav Antenna wire

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